Bennett has been a female owned and operated apparel and uniform manufacturer for more than 50 years, servicing, building partnerships and meeting the functional demands and budgets of the customer. Our internal manufacturing capabilities in Mexico, in conjunction with our partners overseas in China, India and Pakistan, allow us to pass along cost savings to our customers. We have developed local and global data sourcing to insure our customers receive the best product!

Our operational capabilities extend well beyond that of the products we produce. We want to assure our customers are getting the best service which is done in different ways. We offer flexible warehousing, drop shipping to individual locations, computer controlled inventory, and innovative ways to simplify for those that have employee payroll deduction programs. Our IT staff can also set up a website which will be product specific for you or your store managers to order from if you choose.

Each program is designed with our commitment to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction! We strive to understand the customer’s needs which is a main ingredient in development of price competitive products that fits the budgets of the smaller family owned business, to the midsize and larger franchise operations.

Our design staff offers a wealth of knowledge bringing innovation, while maintaining practicality and functionality. We continuously work on innovative products that include moisture management, anti-microbial properties, stain resistant properties, wrinkle free items and products that are organic and environmentally friendly.

“ We are confident we can be an asset to you and your organization, and would appreciate the opportunity in becoming a valued supplier and servicing you as you would expect. That is with Integrity, Honesty, and Quality; the keys to building a life long working relationship. We look forward to working with you! ”


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